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Benefits of Quiet Home

Benefits of Quiet Home

Society is becoming busier and, in the process, nosier. Increased noises constantly bombard senses into overdrive. City noises, household products, electronics, traffic and communication are constantly at battles of volumes.

The human body is programmed to react to loud noises. Historically, a loud noise would indicate a threat or danger and require an instant response. Loud noises trigger an increase in cortisol levels and an increase in stress hormones. In response, the sympathetic nervous system takes over to prepare the body for fight or flight.

The body’s biological response to noise has not changed, but the body’s senses are constantly bombarded with loud noises and sounds. This results in the body being in a constant state of threat and alert. The constant stress to the senses can increase heart rate, blood pressure, stress, anxiety, and lead to health deterioration.

Therefore, products that are quieter or reduce noise are increasing in popularity for the health benefits and stress reduction.

Reducing Noise at Home

  • > Buy quieter appliances
  • > Soundproof rooms
  • > Use noise cancelling headphones
  • > Soundproof household from outside noises
  • > Add curtains
  • > Use Rugs and Carpets

How to Reduce Noise?

Quiet gadgets, technologies and products can help reduce your household noises. Alterations and changes to the house to soundproof rooms can stop noises travelling throughout the house. Soundproofing can help reduce the affect noisy areas have on the rest of the house.

More appliances are becoming available that consider the decibel level emitted and how loud the product is. More companies are putting effort into creating low sound emitting products.

The difficulty is determining if the reduction in sound, reduces the quality of the product. Therefore, we have reviewed different household products based on their quality, efficiency, and sound production. To see if the product is still effective despite being quieter.

Different designs of the same product can emit significantly different sound levels. More consumers are looking for quieter products and considering the decibel levels in their purchase.

Safe decibel range

What is the Safe Decibel Range?

A safe decibel range is at or below 70 dBA. When sounds are 85 dBA and above they are more likely to cause damage to hearing. Listening to loud noise for long periods of time above 85 dBA can lead to permanent hearing damage.

Everyday household products easily reach above 85 dBA without competing surrounding noises. The constant loud noises can lead to hearing damage and create a more stressful household.

A typical vacuum emits above 80dBA. A hairdryer close to your head can go over 90dBA. A kettle screaming can reach above 95dBA. Household noises easily ring in the background above safe levels without the competition of additional chatter, kids playing and outside traffic.

Most households easily reach over safe recommended decibel ranges.

Health Effects of Noise Pollution

Noise pollution can increase stress, blood pressure and heart rate. Loud noises put the body into a state of alert and prepare to fight. If the body’s senses are put under constant stress with the sympathetic nervous system activated, the body does not have time to relax. Stress hormones are constantly high and can lead to health deterioration.

Long exposure to loud noises above 85dBA can lead to hearing damage. Hearing damage affects the elderly worse. As the life expectancy increases, more is needed to protect hearing and reduce damage from loud noises.

In addition to health effects, noise pollution interferes with learning, concentration, and productivity. The increase in open plan workspaces has also increase noise production at work. Loud noises put the body on high alert and affect a person’s ability to concentrate, learn and be productive at work or school.

Reducing Noise at Home

Houses are becoming noisier so how does someone create peace and quiet in their own home.

Built up suburban housing, technology, appliances, and traffic have all added to increasing household noise. With every new appliance and technology more noise and sound are brought into the home, increasing stress.

To reduce the sound levels in homes, consumers have taken noise reduction into their own hands with increasing demands for low decibel high quality products. More than ever designers are needing to consider the sound levels emitted by the product for it to sell well.

Demands for quieter home appliances has increased. From quiet vacuums, to silent fridges, new quieter products are being released. Additionally, the next step is considering ways to soundproof the home to reduce the noise brought in from outside.